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All Media Count   6232
News Count (W/Clustered)   5652 (90.69%)
Distinct Stories   3114
Blog Count   427 (6.85%)
Tweet Count   152 (2.44%)
Shared Tweet Count   915
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   0.87
Combined Polarization   7.73
Combined Activity   0.88
Combined Personalization   0.88
News Tone   0.63
Blog Tone   1.92
Tweet Tone   6.75
First Seen   3/28/2009
Last Seen   12/28/2013
News/Social Ratio  90.69%
Attention/Loyalty  1060 / 2988 days (35.48%)


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8.34% (507)
5.76% (350)
98.26% (5973)
56.01% (3405)

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Harry Reid   97.54% (6079)
Barack Obama   38.21% (2381)
John Kerry   19.16% (1194)
Mitch Mcconnell   10.80% (673)
Nancy Pelosi   10.65% (664)

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Environmental Protection Agency   11.71% (730)
Energy Department   8.41% (524)
Exxon Mobil Corp   6.80% (424)
Nv Energy Inc   6.23% (388)
Energy Inc   5.89% (367)

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States   47.11% (2936)
Houston, Texas, United States   7.99% (498)
Environmental Protection Agency, District Of Columbia, United States   7.54% (470)
White House, District Of Columbia, United States   7.14% (445)
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States   6.88% (429)

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United States   19.99% (5857)
China   19.99% (1034)
United Kingdom   19.99% (646)
Japan   19.99% (575)
Canada   19.99% (552)

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Kă¸Avn*, Denmark   6.68% (416)
London, City Of, United Kingdom   5.13% (320)
United Kingdom (General), United Kingdom   4.20% (262)
Kyoto, Japan   2.37% (148)
Rhă´Alpes, France   1.97% (123)

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Washington, United States   61.95% (3861)
District Of Columbia, United States   57.81% (3603)
Nevada, United States   34.34% (2140)
New York, United States   21.66% (1350)
California, United States   19.99% (1246)

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United States   19.99% (4243)
Canada   19.99% (183)
Scotland   19.99% (75)
India   19.99% (31)
Australia   19.99% (29)

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EMatricardi   0.06% (4)[Profile]
ecoconcept   0.06% (4)[Profile]
lowelectricbill   0.06% (4)[Profile]
gasdieselprices   0.06% (4)[Profile]
Carydc   0.05% (3)[Profile]

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Yahoo.Com   1.78% (111)
Thehill.Com   1.28% (80)
Eenews.Net   1.27% (79)
Reuters.Com   1.19% (74)
Nytimes.Com   1.12% (70)

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Top Blogs

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Thehayride.Com   0.13% (8)
Karlwmiller.Blogspot.Com   0.13% (8)
Bullfax.Com   0.11% (7)
Chuckslowe.Com   0.08% (5)
Newenergynews.Blogspot.Com   0.08% (5)

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News Articles

All 5652 news articles:


Clearer Path For Obama Regulatory Agenda

...... way of his legislative agenda , president Barack Obama is getting some fresh help in adding to his legacy in a different way - through government regulation When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option to change Senate rules and ended threatened filibusters of most presidential nominations , it was partly to allow Obama to install his appointees at regulatory agencies ......

(1095 words by
Tone: -0.09%
Pol: 6.10%
Act: 22.44%
Per: 0.09%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Transcript of President Obama's news conference -

...... , particularly in the Senate , a little rambunctious and independent of you , which is evidenced most clearly in the debate over the Iran sanctions It looks like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has expedited consideration of an Iran sanctions bill for January , even as your administration and you have been trying to get them to lay off sanctions while you're OBAMA How about I ......

(9054 words by

[Show/Hide 1 Additional Article]
Tone: 1.76%
Pol: 8.02%
Act: 24.55%
Per: 4.32%
Que: 8.30%
Exc: 0.00%
2 Articles

How about them apples: ObamaCare rewritten again | Fox News

...... Pressure groups will be pumping up the issue of restoring federal aid to the long-term unemployed , promising to hit Republicans hard for Christmas cruelty Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sounds like he on board , telling reporters the Senate will take up a retroactive extension next month Broken - the latest Fox News poll shows percent ofrespondents believe the Federal ......

(2554 words by
Tone: 1.52%
Pol: 7.76%
Act: 23.48%
Per: 1.00%
Que: 8.57%
Exc: 1.43%

Reno News & Review - Some nukes is good nukes - Let Freedom Ring - Opinions - December 19, 2013

...... off on shutting down Nevada coal-powered plants But heavily subsidized renewables are not the answer Nevada energy future should lie in natural gas and nuclear Time will tell if Harry Reid crusade against Yucca Mountain and nuclear power will actually produce the positive legacy he craves Submit Your Comment Comments posted may be subject to moderation Be nice Sounds easy ......

(659 words by
Tone: 0.29%
Pol: 10.87%
Act: 26.58%
Per: 0.59%
Que: 2.63%
Exc: 0.00%

Flat U.S. consumer prices highlight Fed's tapering dilemma - The Globe and Mail

...... in four years the vote suggests politicians have tired of the budget showdowns that have spread uncertainty since Republicans reclaimed the House in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needed votes to avoid filibuster , and controlled on in his Democratic caucus While it was widely expected that Mr Reid would get to , twelve Republican votes is a much greater ......

(702 words by
Tone: -1.05%
Pol: 7.36%
Act: 21.55%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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Blog Posts

All 427 blog posts:


Propaganda Pre$$ Monitor: Congre$$ Now Cooperating

...... Republican Of Utah , said of the GOP response These are not itty bitty problems ' With Republicans talking about using all the debate time that Senate rules allow , majority leader Harry Reid , Democrat Of Nevada , has threatened to hold evening and weekend sessions the nomination fight is intensifying at the start of what Reid has planned as a final two-week stretch before adjourning ......

(3408 words by
Tone: 1.18%
Pol: 9.08%
Act: 21.48%
Per: 1.07%
Que: 6.82%
Exc: 0.57%

Stocks end near lows amid DC debt deal drama; Dow, S&P snap 4-day rally ~ Naked Monk

...... and top administration officials in addition to funding the government through Jan and giving Treasury the ability to borrow normally through Feb But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized the latest proposal , saying the House plan on financial impasse won't pass the Senate I'm once again disappointed in Boehner for trying to preserve his role at expense of ......

(954 words by
Tone: 2.02%
Pol: 10.29%
Act: 23.31%
Per: 0.50%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 2.50%

Russell 2000 hits all-time high ~ Naked Monk

...... Stocks initially opened lower after weekend talks between lawmakers to strike a deal were unsuccessful , although there were signs of improvement on Sunday , when Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said he had a substantive and productive conversation with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell This followed president Obama Friday rejection of a proposal by House Republicans for a ......

(536 words by
Tone: 4.86%
Pol: 8.47%
Act: 21.44%
Per: 0.54%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Are we Going To War with Syria over a Natural Gas Pipeline? | mediachecker

...... French shock and awe military strike on not only Syria but Hezbollah positions in Lebanon Republican and Democratic members of the Senate and House leadership , including Senators Harry Reid , John McCain , Lindsey Graham , Barbara Boxer , and Robert Menendez , as well as House Speaker John Boehner , Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi , House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers , New ......

(2928 words by
Tone: -0.40%
Pol: 7.64%
Act: 22.68%
Per: 0.94%
Que: 8.87%
Exc: 2.42%

Dear @SenatorReid, heres a real, live cancer patient you could help by funding the NIH » The Right Scoop -

...... even one child , we should take that step Jan , When it comes to passing a special House appropriation bill that allows children with rare cancers to receive treatment , Harry Reid says , Why would we want to do that Oct , You have to have willful blindness not to see that Democrats only care about children when it suits their political agenda They will ......

(593 words by
Tone: -1.99%
Pol: 8.61%
Act: 27.32%
Per: 1.32%
Que: 10.34%
Exc: 0.00%

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All 152 tweets:
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...Proposed Natural Gas Act: Dead on Arrival in Washington - Karl W Miller - Seeking Alpha

(18 words)
(07/26/2011 at 2:46:16 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 11.11%
Act: 22.22%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...RT @LasVegasSun: Public access natural gas fueling station opens near McCarran / #Vegas...

(16 words)
(06/02/2011 at 8:10:28 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 12.50%
Pol: 12.50%
Act: 37.50%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Clean Energy- More Biofuels & Natural Gas- Less Oil- That’s the Power of the United States Says President Obama

(23 words)
(05/07/2011 at 11:23:24 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 4.35%
Pol: 4.35%
Act: 13.04%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...Pickens Goes Capitolist: By JIM MCTAGUE | MORE ARTICLES BY AUTHOR The oil tycoon likes compressed natural gas fo...

(22 words)
(04/16/2011 at 08:34:53 am)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 9.09%
Pol: 9.09%
Act: 18.18%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%


...RT @Conservative_76: We have the oil and natural gas, now drill:

(16 words)
(03/10/2011 at 10:10:48 pm)
[View Original Post]
Tone: 0.00%
Pol: 12.50%
Act: 18.75%
Per: 6.25%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

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